Coalition Objectives

Coping with Cacchi-Ricci Coalition Objectives-

1- To educate all patients, family members, friends and even medical professionals on the realities of Medullary Sponge Kidney (Cacchi-Ricci Disease).

2- To guide patients to every resource possible to manage medullary sponge kidney (Cacchi-Ricci Disease). (Direction to urologists, nephrologists, alternative practitioners, treatment centers, hospitals, research studies, patient testimonials and any information or resource deemed beneficial to the management of Cacchi-Ricci disease)

3- To encourage patients in their fight against this disease using the avenues of counseling, support groups and emotional intervention therapies. (Patient consults and referrals to mental health professionals and treatment centers aligned with the Coalition)

4- To advocate in every avenue possible for research, education and options for medullary sponge kidney disease. (Lobbying with politicians, hospitals, doctors, patient corporations, pharmaceutical companies, emergency medical service providers and medical research facilities/projects)

5- To ensure that no MSK patient fights alone. This coalition will ensure everyone that contacts us for help will  benefit from one or all services of the Coping with Cacchi-Ricci Coalition.

6- To ensure that any MSK disease patient who seeks to understand their kidney disease has every possible piece of information and research to fully understand how to treat their disease.

7- To ensure that any medical professional who comes in contact with this coalition will have access to every possible resource to understand how to best treat their MSK disease patients.

8- To ensure that any politician who comes into contact with this foundation will have the information to properly legislate for their constituents who suffer from medullary sponge kidney disease.


9- To ensure that every MSK patient has access to legal and easily accessible pain management by means of natural remedies, diet modifications, narcotic medications and surgical interventions as deemed necessary by licensed medical professionals.

10- To provide a voice to all those who are suffering in silence. The Coping with Cacchi-Ricci Coalition was established to advocate for all sufferers of Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease. CoSeal